Why should lawful and recognized halal status ?A month later , I went to my friend 's boarding house and look at her dresser there are already some cosmetics . I did not think that the words Desain Website Poker that influence it . Hihi . Then I look around and ask permission to try cosmetics , because I had once seen a direct cosmetics brand cosmetics because she is different from mine. Wardah cosmetics brand , actually I 've never heard of this brand Wardah cosmetics but like said child is now " not ngeh " so ya do not ever care about and do not want to know about this Wardah cosmetics .
While trying to wear cosmetics Wardah had a friend , I asked him why he bought cosmetics brand cosmetics Wardah not be great and famous . Then he said that Wardah cosmetics are cosmetics kosher and halal have been recognized by the MUI .
Suddenly I immediately asked ," Emangnya cosmetic use kosher or not kosher yes , like food instead? "
" Ya lah use , it will go to a cosmetic pores of our skin and we also can be eaten accidentally , for example, wear lipstick , lipstick definitely on our lips that we ama accidentally ingested . Well so we must know that our cosmetics are made of what " he replied
" Nah , I 've nyari cosmetic line with what I was looking for, cosmetics kosher and halal recognized her by the MUI , yes its Wardah cosmetics " . answer
After that I realized and understood about halal cosmetics . Because cosmetics are lawful it would have been clear and secure the materials do not contain the things that smelled unclean . Because if there is a danger that illicit substances will certainly be a barrier to worship GOD .
This idea really old already appeared , but forgot to continue to want to be written . Pas remember , sikonnya ga fitting for writing , fitting sikonnya fitting , forgotten . Hehe ...
Well , now insha Allah sikonnya fitting and remember . Let's begin ...
Adolescence , which is not beautifulAt least I think it used to be. Because I think the beauty of adolescence are :

Got a lot of friends and companions , slang so Dech .
Falling in love and have a boyfriend , if you
Pusat Iklan Baris Gratis Murah  can some times yaaah mutually girlfriend . Each recess and after school , if guns the same friend , same yaa girlfriend . Well , indahnyaaa ... Road both , buy ice cream , eating meatballs , to the movies , etc. Dech . Exciting ye ?