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Obat aborsi purchase safe " abortion pro-choice " " Terms and Conditions " ( OBAT ABORSI ) we make with verily, verily , due to the rise of obat aborsi atau obat telat bulan sellers both online and in person ( stores, drug stores ) , therefore there is a concern for us as an extension hands of the " Medical Abortion " will be considered sales in Indonesia 's legal OBAT ABORSI * .
Terms and conditions are made to maintain security between the seller and buyer of drugs, in the buyer's agreement must first agree to the terms and conditions before making a reservation we make , the things relating to this agreement we made keeping in mind the prevailing laws in Indonesia is still not legalize the abortion process .
1 . By submitting an order to order, it means you have agreed to the terms and conditions which have been listed below.
2 . By submitting the order means the buyer has been considered to understand and agree with the applicable regulations through drug safe abortion " pro-choice abortion "
3 . All legal consequences of acts performed abortions buyer or the patient is not responsible for the drug safe abortion " pro-choice abortion "
According to the laws in force in Indonesia , including abortion or feticide a crime , known as " Abortion provocatus Criminalis "Who received a sentence is :1 . Mothers who have abortions2 . Doctor or midwife or shaman who helped perform abortions3 . People who support the implementation of abortion
4 . Abortion risk to the health or safety of a woman if it is not according to the dosage and proper usage rules on obat aborsi that we provide .Not true to say that if someone had an abortion she " did not feel anything " . This is a very misleading information for every woman , especially those who are confused because they do not want a pregnancy that has already happened. There are 2 kinds of health risks to women who have abortions :1 . Health and safety risks are physically2 . Risk of psychological disorders
5 . Everything related to the process that buyers do abrosi is not a messenger , coercion or the desire of the "medical abortion "
6 . For the moment the transfer price and postage obataborsi only through Bank Mandiri .
7 . We do not serve the complaint in any way due to negligence buyers who do not make confirmation after transfer ( more than 24h )..

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