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Part of a woman's body is still a mystery to man in this world . Of course men are very curious to know what part of a alat bantu sex  woman's body that can make a woman aroused and floated up to the seventh heaven . But keep in mind that not necessarily every woman has the same sensitive area . But in general this is the most sensitive area that can make a woman aroused when touched .
A warm kiss always managed to close with a date that was initially impressed perfectly rigid . After passing the day with him , why not kiss today?
Before you start kissing , liver intend to give him his first kiss flawless . bisnis online What are the conditions ? Peep this Allwomensstalk exposure .
Your lover will kiss for the first time , then make sure you prepare yourself properly , like brushing your teeth first and chewing obat telat bulan  gum mint flavor . There is no harm in applying lip balm to the lips feeling soft .
Kiss action plan
Rather than a spontaneous kiss , it is important to plan for a more intimate kiss action . The first kiss will not be too meaningful when you kiss her at a crowded party , and would be quite impressive if you do it at the beach or in the park .
type a kiss
Hold yourself to not show off skills , Äúsilat tongue , Äù as the first kiss . The first kiss should be sweet , memorable , and not too wet due to overhung tongue dancing .
Put your hands in the right place
If you imagine the great moment of the kiss , maybe you should think to put your hands in the right place .
When you are kissing after holding hands , the hands should remain in its alat bantu sex original position or brushed her hair with your lips so soft and gentle lover stick .
Make sure he's ready to be kissed
It never hurts to ask first , whether he 's ready or not kissing . After all would be very embarrassing if the lover even when you 're ready to dodge leaning .
Close, close your eyes , kiss !
One reason for the kiss so memorable moments because often times never suspected before . Possibility to make mistakes of course there is not ? But the time has come , so hold your body to body , close your eyes , and kiss lover now.
obat aborsi Do not think of another area woman first. Ranks the top lip to her sensitive areas . Give licking , sucking , small bites while kissing a course with warmth and tenderness . When this kiss is played , she would easily aroused and would allow him to do the next stage .
Any man who does not know this area of ​​femininity ? So berhasratnya , and often can not wait to enter it while having sex . Vagina or clitoris can be stimulated by using finger , tongue , or a combination of both . In the vagina there is the most sensitive organ is the G - Spot . If he managed to find a spot G -spot , will make a woman reach orgasm maximum satisfaction . But not all women can easily find the point of his G - Spot . By asking her to guide her to the sensitive area in the vagina , will hopefully help to find where the G -spot is located.
Of course breast is also a favorite area for men . Breast is a sensitive area that held good and soft when squeezed . You can provide stimulation to the breast with smoked way , dikulum , or played with tongue and small bites alat bantu sex .
Maybe some men will be surprised with this one area . But the fact the women are very happy when the man holding his wrist . When you start to do the foreplay , try to kiss and rub your wife's wrist to see how terangsangnya response and your wife . This will make foreplay more enjoyable by your wife .
Ear is a sensitive area that makes hot women fast . You can stimulate it by means lick , suck , and kiss your partner ears . Add to whispering in the ears of your partner's intimate , dining menggelinjang guaranteed he would enjoy it .
Just by breathing it in the neck , she could feel the arousal . Especially if you obat telat bulan use the tongue or teeth to stimulate it . You can also use your hands to lift your partner's hair slowly , then began kissing her neck and then sank a pair of your teeth by providing a soft touch on the neck . Sensual massage on the neck is also a powerful technique when doing foreplay with a partner .
Legs have a lot of nerve , including nerve point that is easy to be stimulated . Women love to his feet touched , massaged , and even smoked . Women will really enjoy when the sensitive area is played by men .
Many alat bantu sex women like her partner while playing behind his ass . Do it by squeezing , massaging , or smell . Most importantly do not put the penis in the ass .
rear Knee
Many nerves that also lead to the area behind lutut.Jangan surprised if your partner suddenly became wild after caressed the back of her knee area or inhaled . However, because this area is very sensitive nerves a lot , not too much to stimulate this area , because it may actually be disturbing atmosphere of your foreplay .
Thigh is also an area sensitive to the touch , touched , or inhaled . Give a touch and kiss from toe to thigh , then your wife will feel the sensation menggelinjang you provide .
Kissing a woman for the first time is a pembesar penis  stressful thing especially if it was a first experience for you . The main problems encountered when trying to kiss a woman is to know if they are ready or not to kiss ? Before you kiss the question will continue to haunt you , to do it properly , confident and sure . The following tips and kissed her for the first time .
1 . time relationshipNot all women want to be kissed when berjalam still fledgling relationship , especially when it is done on a first date . But not a few women who want to kiss first date , all depending on what type of woman and depends on how much you alat bantu sex get to know him .
2 . Do not ask for a kiss against women9 out of 10 women will say no when you ask for a kiss , perhaps due to embarrassment or other reasons . When kissing women naturally do everything you do not need to say , Äúbolehkah I kissed you ? , Äù , do it without the need to say it .
3 . placeDo not ever think you can kiss her anywhere, while kissing for the first time , women have always wanted a romantic place and have privacy . Look for a suitable place where there is only you and him .
4 . Prepare yourselfConfident, assured and no doubt is the key obat pembesar penis to success early in kissing a woman . In addition other factors such as bad breath , oral hygiene and lip you need to consider also . Do not let her escape because your mouth smell that smell or look dirty and your lips chapped .
5 . Understand the body language of womenWhen a woman is ready for a kiss she will give you a small hint in the movement of the body , such as :- Staring at you with a face full alat bantu sex of feeling- Pay attention to your lips- Touching your hand- Biting his lip- Use lip gloss- Using a mouth freshener ( eg candy )When she had done so usually in women 's ready to kiss , and this is the right time to kiss her .
6 . be gentleThe first time you kiss a woman does not have to kiss him too excited or show that you are adept at kissing . Menciunya quite gently obat pembesar penis and let him enjoy his first kiss with you .7 . Give a smileAfter kissing her for the first time , you and he will feel awkward or nervous , for it gave him a smile or start opening topic of conversation to break the ice .
That tips kissing her for the first time , unprepared or discomfort will make women reject / avoid kissing you , for it is important to make women feel comfortable in your hand before you start kissing strategi pemasaran. .

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