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alat bantu sex Sex toys can often make sex more enjoyable or it can also be used to derive sexual pleasure from masturbating . Sex toys sex toy is an object or device that is used to facilitate sexual pleasure .

Many sex toys are designed to resemble the genitals and can vibrate . However , whether imagined that everyday objects that exist in the home can also be used as sex toys ?

Here are some everyday items you have at home that can also be used as sex toys , as quoted from iVillage , Friday, March 2, 2012 , among others :

1 . Bathroom shower

" Shower bath can be used as sex toys iklan baris or sex toys , " said Dr . Victoria Zrdok Wilson JD , PhD .

A bathroom shower fixtures with a speed that can be customized and arranged with pressure for different levels of stimulation . Couples can also bathe together while having sex , with wet breasts and intimate area with a shower to get pleasure together . Even some people may never use the shower in the bathroom to masturbate .

2 . Scarfs and ties

Many home accessories that can be used as sex toys , such as a scarf or tie . Close your eyes mate with a scarf or tie . By closing their eyes can make a couple feel more sexual stimulation . It may be a new variation in sexual intercourse .

3 . Mobile

Mobile not only can be used to receive calls or SMS . Because these devices can be set vibrating can be used for sexual stimulation during masturbation . It has long been known that vibrating sensation can arouse sexual stimulation , such as vibrators .

4 . Mouthwash

Mouthwash is usually used with a peppermint flavor to alat bantu sex freshen breath and overcome bad breath . On the other hand , peppermint can also improve circulation and blood flow to the sexual response are more numerous and intense . In addition , peppermint also increase the sensation of cold and vibration sensation during oral sex . However , the content of mouthwash can also irritate sensitive intimate areas .

5 . Brush with soft bristles

Brush with soft bristles can be used obat telat bulan to provide stimulation in couples , for example, by touching gently on the nipple . Moreover, it can also touched with the soft brush on areas that can improve sexual arousal , such as the neck , chest , abdomen and intimate areas .

6 . washer

Washing activities can also be exciting if done while having sex with a partner . This can be a variation of sex with a partner that does not get bored . Washing machine when turned on is usually followed by a trill . Shakes and warm sensation can function like a vibrator , so as to enhance sexual stimulation .

7 . lotion

According to the results of a survey involving alat bantu sex many men , the effect of soft and slippery , making lotions even become favorite item used for masturbation in men . Indeed possess the consistency of lotion is best used as a tool for male masturbation .

However , do not use oil -based lotion with condoms or sex toys are made ​​from rubber . Because of the oil content can damage condoms or sex toys are made ​​from rubber . And if oil -based lotion that is used in the vagina or anal can leave a clot that can cause infection . Therefore, it is water -based lotion that is safer to use .

8 . heating pad

" Pad warmers used to compress the obat pembesar penis muscles are tense . Heating pad can help relaxation and improve blood circulation in the compressed area , " says Yvonne K. Fulbright Ph.D. , M.S.Ed.

Heating pad can also be used to increase sexual stimulation . Many types of gel that is used to help increase sexual arousal works the same way , which gives warmth to increase circulation and stimulation .

9 . mirror

Mirror is ideal for people who have had fantasy alat bantu sex as an exhibitionist tendencies , because the mirror can provide visual sexual stimulation and mental . Making love in front of the mirror can also be a variation on the sex couples nearly boredom sex with a classic style


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