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peluang usaha online - dismantled with very clear steps and procedures that are very easy to start using Facebook as a field of money with a very high potential to apply the guidelines we live . Online business is a great solution for us who want to experience the beauty of working with a relaxing result is breathtaking every day , without any action on what you aspire to be empty if the action is not based on the methods from experienced sources . Given this brief article I hope to open a good insight in the use of the internet as a valuable asset side .

When we want to build a business at home , usually capital is one very important factor , be it capital material and non-material capital . Most people believe that we require substantial capital that the business can run properly . But that assumption is not entirely true . Indeed, for some business models , we need a material capital that is large enough to be going well , but there are quite a lot of home-based business model that can pasang iklan baris gratis tanpa daftar be run with a small capital .

Precisely usually the most important capital that is non-material capital , such as a strong desire , belief , and also thorough business plan . Capital money is not an assurance of the home-based business that will be run will be successful , but with seriousness , perseverance , hard work had been the main capital in running a home business . If we already have the main asset then we can take advantage of a home business opportunity with small capital that exists around us .

examples of home-based business that can be run by housewives , some of which are :

1 . Food and beverage business
This exciting business opportunity when mothers try try pleased with the activity and has a hobby of cooking food and making pastries. Examples of these businesses suppose to make meatballs , noodles , porridge , seafood , spicy cassava kriprik , donuts , pastries , snacks , refreshing beverages , fruit juices , water refills , pizza , steak , yellow rice / uduk , burgers and kebabs . Examples of this are some examples that can be done at home , even if good can be eaten alone at home .
This effort can be run with a variety of variations , is expected when the market is expected to be solid creative in presenting food . Manner of presentation can make more professional like even cafe cafe business could be developed into a franchise jasa desain website murah business .

2 . Business Fashion and accessories
Fashion and accessories business can be a home-based business option for housewives , because the market is very broad and is generally not uncommon for people to buy clothes and accessories just 1 time only . Many families are gathering clothes and accessories more than 1 piece . Examples of these efforts say in managing the clothes and the Muslim veil , accessories clothes , sandals , shoes , cosmetics , makeup , fragrance refills , bags , pillow dolls , creative pin , cell phone holster , wedding souvenirs , boutique and embroidery .
In running the business of fashion and accessories can be run at home because now businesses can be done via the internet . Promotion can be done by word of mouth or using social networks . Even the inventory can be searched via the internet . One of the marketing strategies of fashion and accessories can be by way of dropshipping bisnis online or reseller .

3 . Writing Business Write
The business opportunities for mothers who are happy with the writing activity . Make this hobby as an extra income . Example of this effort is to be a writer of books, articles and short story writer , translator . Books or articles can be done at home and sent to a publisher or magazine articles that require , in accordance with generally artikel2 fields bisnis internet online cultivated housewives , such as cooking , caring for children and others.

4 . Business Services
Business management services can be run at home alone . Examples of these efforts eg fast typing services , music lessons , online travel services and so forth . To search for online orders to be run through existing forums such kaskus.co.id in Indonesia . You can join on certain topics , and occasionally can offer services in buying and selling specialized forums , or can sell to friends and your closest relationships peluang usaha online .


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