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Every Social Media has rules and if you break them it would be bad for your company . Here's 7 Mistakes are often made in a company's twitter :

Too promoting products
    pulau pari
If you are promoting a product / service continuously then people will get bored quickly . People follow the tweets of people because of the information they can get . Look for the promotional balance , try to do a 2 -way conversation and share the link for the best results .

First of all you need to know , if I'm not an expert , you are not terjumpa this website and read up here . Not correct ? Eh .. Quipped jer .. !
Well , maybe it's the experience of the grace that is too high in value . And I think you should also have experience . If you no experience , this is his time to steal you from my experience . Maybe you've heard the adage punjangga " Learning from the experiences of others .. "
I launch Internet commerce in 2006 again when I demanded in the field leading kejuruteraan at Universiti Kuala Lumpur . The internet is not my field , but , just too deep interest factors make me a fanatic to build Empires in Internet commerce .
I started with a blog useless namely Blogdrive and accompanied Friendster social pages since 2004 . However , for 2 years I just became sake only users and spend time " playing Friendster " and update Blogdrive . When the new Facebook form and no longer popular .
I will be a sense of satisfaction when my Friendster rakan crowded pulau tidung  and lots of testimonials in the ' home ' to me. And also , more flavor - rakan rakan proud when I open and read Friendster Blogdrive me .
Then I started to tame the medium - berjinak "multiply " to upload images to the internet . Up until one day I seen the ad " Workshop on Internet Commerce " by Dr Irfan Khairi . From there I started to recognize who Irfan Khairi ni . Apparently he is the first Malaysian Internet Millionaire and holds a millionaire at the age of 25 years .
My first interest towards it and are interested in a workshop that he recommended . However , whether power , instead of an expensive boarding workshops , but only myself when it could not . I started to look for and " explore " make money on the internet techniques that do not require capital if I may . Crowded that storytelling can earn money from " Clickbank " , accompanied by the program " affilaiate " , " CPA " , selling goods on " Ebay " , " CPC " and so on . However , I think you indulge myself quite dwarfs do not know anything of the term.
I accompanied WangCyber ​​local community pages which is where lively discussions and Lepak Internet entrepreneur . As new ( newbie ) in 2007 , I was able to watch what 's just they bincangkan . Menyelit boy was fear. That is why I do not post much in the forums tu . However , keep watching from afar what is true .
I am interested in the concept for the money with google . He said no issued capital . It is named as Google Adsense . Additionally make money with Google Adsense this blog need . I think there is a link with me that already have a blog . However , the medium accompanied Blogdrive not accepted for Google Adsense . Blog useless accepted is the " blogspot " sake only .
Apparently I hit explore new things again . But that's okay , my truth story in the field of internet commerce will be started when the . I gagahkan themselves to " Cuba jaya " building blog with " blogspot " . Alhamdulillah , after 2.3 days , I was ready with the perfect blog template design along with new and interesting plugins .
I first opened accounts in Google Adsense .
But , after 2.3 months , no results I perolehi . Give up any sense of there . What is not taxable ? The traveler is not crowded . If you omit the advertised son , indeed I can not .
At first only USD0.69 cents sake only and there is USD0.02 cents sake only ..
I started to look for another marketing technique anyway .
One by one I mencuba . From forum to forum I join . From one ebook guide ebook guide to one I bought and read .
Finally , the traveler first crowded . From 10-20 traveler's day , every day continues to increase until well into 5000 traveler's every day . There is up to a period of my blog meletop mencecah 12,000 peluang usaha online incoming traveler's day .
When the traveler crowded , my Google Adsense revenue is increasing. Starting with 2.3 cents USD , over time mencecah to 20 to 30 USD per day . Although not much , it's pretty satisfying to me after a long time and continues mencuba mencuba in searching on the net income .
Collected TOTAL SO 2009 - RM20k .
If the busy traveler's blog punyai dah , I initially sell advertising space . In the same period , I ceburi new fields in the internet . I also sell watches in lelong.com.my only with capital as low as RM70 sake only .
Gain first multiplied so as to customers of Kota Kinabalu . I am sure with the internet initially be menjana hefty income .
Later , I accompanied also " Affiliate Program " . There is no capital is required as well . Only promote other people's products , and if there is the traveler transit through the " affiliate link " us , we will be paid komisen . I do this work once namely sake only and attach a list of accounts affiliate banner on my popular blog earlier .
And so , I thank komisen sales every month so it was now . That is, if an affiliate , how about that 4.5 affiliate ?
I'm not too greedy with dozens accompanied affiliate . I accompanied existing affiliate links to my blog article sake only . This term on the internet in the call " Niche " .

Using basic Twitter Background
Do not use the basic background of Twitter because it is less attractive . You can pay someone to design a nice background with a cheap price for your company so that the person you memfollow will also increase .

Tweet too much
How often do you update your status ? Usually tweeted successful companies every day , but do not tweet every minute because it would disrupt the people who memfollow .

rarely Tweet
If someone visits your Twitter profile and see that your last tweet was over a month ago , then it implies that you make them stop memfollow your twitter . The more you tweet , the more people will see what you write , and can click on the link you provided .

Auto Bot Tweet
Many companies fill their Twitter and tweet the same link over and over again . No one likes spam . Perhaps your intent is to share information about your company or product , but not to sound like a robot . Look for natural ways to introduce your business , and find creative ways to make people curious to click on the link you provided .

Twiter message that is not useful
In a twitter message you are only allowed to enter as many as 140 characters . Therefore you type a message must be clear , concise and solid . If not then your message will be ineffective . Twiter message should contain useful information for the reader .

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