PranaMurti a foundation in the field of alternative healing treatments and a brief education in the pranic energy healers . Beginning with the pengobatan alternatif alami  establishment of University Sports Power In ( PORTEDA ) Cakra Murti in 1993 , later on August 1, 1996 established the Clinical Medicine and Therapy with Pranic Energy , which later became the foundation PranaMurti on December 8, 1998 by notarial deed H.Sofjan , SH No2 .
... " By having expertise Pranic healing using the power , will have a positive impact and to take an active role in improving public health physical , non-physical and psychological .
Pranic healing power turns one treatment is highly reliable , proven to be felt by people ranging from the lowest layer to the upper level , more and more choose this treatment because the cost is very low for a variety of diseases both pure medical disease and non medical with a high cure rate .
It is expected that all parties have proved effektifitas , productivity and cure rates are so high at a low cost can participate socialize pranic healing power .
For those who have megikuti training and have been able to treat with pranic energy , in order to apply their knowledge to improve the health of the community to support the development . ... "
(Prof. Dr . , I Gusti Ketut Putra Wirawan MM : Chakra Porteda Professor Murti , PranaMurti Foundation and chairman of the Association of penghusada PranaMurti , Practical Guide Therapy eyang djati and Pranic Healing with Energy , PranaMurti Foundation , Jakarta, 2001) .

Keloid is a solid lump that is only found in the skin because of proliferative growth factor ( multiply ) derived from fibrous tissue ( connective tissue of the skin ) after experiencing the healing of wounds . Keloids can be said to be part of a benign tumor of the skin , Keloids look like more meat that grows and attaches to the skin .
Some of the factors that can trigger keloids include heredity, age, tattoos , acne , vaccination injections , scars fall , and inflammation or infection of the skin that takes a long time to heal .
If you have a complaint keloid injuries , you should immediately do the proper treatment . To help you , we recommend treatment with a " jelly gamat gold - g " .
jelly gamat gold g
Jelly Gamat gold g is a product of natural medicine today who pengobatan alternatif eyang djati have extraordinary properties. Jelly Gamat Gold G product is gel made ​​of extracts of marine animals that Sea Cucumber / Gamat gold best species . Processed with the latest technology while still maintaining ke'alamiannya Jelly Gamat Gold G makes health products appropriate option for the treatment of keloids your alternative .

Privileged Jelly Gamat Gold G Sea Cucumber Jelly product than is usually the main ingredient Jelly Gamat Gold G is a species selected from the 1000 Sea cucumber species in the world . Type of selected species called Golden Stichopus variegatus which has a golden color ( gold ) and since hundreds of years ago have known the benefits and usefulness for a variety of health and beauty problems . The species is the only species containing Gamapeptide ( not found in other species ) . Gamapeptide itself useful to prevent inflammation , reduce pain , accelerate wound healing 3x , enable growth and activate cells , making the skin more youthful peluang usaha internet and enhance the beauty , emotions stabilize , maintain blood circulation to keep it smooth and keloids .


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