Not a few people looking for success in a way that is not road pulau tidung jakarta  Koranic and , thus justify the means no matter harmful to others . This book guides us try to achieve success with internalize the values ​​of the Quran . "POKER gambling agent , gambling agent DOMINO RELIABLE ONLINE INDONESIA - See more at : # sthash.k0xRnZ3u . dpuf* Prof . Dr. . H. Uwes Sanusi , M. Pd .
Professors and Lecturers Graduate UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung .
" There are many ways and roads are taught the Koran that Muslims succeed in any profession . Fact , the Quran recommends vying with each other to achieve success , good fortune and success in finding success in charity . This book can be used as a reference in achieving success in the world and the hereafter . "
* Prof . Dr. . H. Sholeh Hidayat , M. Pd . ,
Rector of the University of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa Attack .
" The success offered by the Quran is not the only success was apparent on the skin surface , but the ultimate success comes from within and is not dependent on external circumstances . Was not successful because of the material and the award alone (physical happiness ) , but success for life accordance with the noble values ​​as a form of success life balance ; material - spiritual , physical - spiritual , rationality - religiosity , take and gave , and the world hereafter. in this context that this book exists to explain the 21 key secrets to success according to Al - Quran . With reference to the pulau tidung kepulauan seribu verses of Al - Quran and in-depth analysis of the author , this book deserves to have. "
* Prof . Dr. . H. Udi Mufrodi , Lc , M.A. ,
Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Theology and Da'wa IAIN Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin Banten .
" Very inspiring ! Important read for anyone who missed success , either intellectually , emotionally , spiritually , and financially . "
* Hj . Iis Nuraeni Afgandi , M. Pd . ,
Content Writing Musabaqah first winner of the Koran ( M2KQ ) MTQ XXIV at the National Level in Ambon in 2012 investasi online   .


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