Car rental business is one business that is very promising, especially in the season of Eid. This business is KAISARBET.COM AGEN BOLA TERPERCAYA PIALA DUNIA 2014 growing because people prefer four-wheeled vehicles for long trips so comfortable and enjoyable trip. The high price of the car to make the car rental business is still worth to be taken into account. Needs not only when going home - which arguably greater demand than availability rentalan car, but also at any time. In addition to the needs of people per scarecrow, a car rental company turns needed for a variety of interests.
In order for your car rental business generating maximum income with less risk, here we provide some tips on successfully opening a car rental business services:

Choose a place or a strategic location
Understand consumer tastes, tenants usually prefer a car with a car loaded with many
Choose a car that small operational costs, the price of spare parts are relatively inexpensive and low maintenance costs. This will save you operating costs Forum terbesar di indonesia Take advantage of car insurance to protect you from the risks
Administrative management clear and complete, so that the customers personal data can be viewed and tracked in the event something unexpected
In cooperation with the workshop or mechanic subscriptions, repair or maintenance for your car. In order to obtain a cheaper price
Optimizing promotion through brochures, classified ads, online, and installation of banners
If the services of a driver, choose a good driver (not reckless - oats) and have knowledge of the road and the engine. In addition to your car will be well maintained, consumers will also be comfortable and happy
If your business has grown, then add more stock of your car. You can find additional capital to add to your car or just invite your friends who have a car to work
Look for the consumers of the company or agency, to be used as a regular customer who always wear your car rental services.
Good luck with the car rental business, hopefully some of the above tips can help you who are want to open a car rental business. In business services, business of all time. Always successful greetings for your business. This entry was posted in Uncategorized on May 13, 2013. Car Rental Tips 4 Replies
Choosing a car rental is easy bother, because all Bisnis Online Sederhana Hasil Dahsyat Modal Hemat  facilities are almost the same, relatively competitive prices, discounts and so on. But perhaps the one thing that needs attention is the issue of service. Often many of us are ignoring the problem only service issues a different car rental rates of 15 to 25 thousand per day, which probably will end up getting less than satisfactory service. What does it mean to get cheap car rental rates but chaotic service.
Lease rental car today is the most effective way to vacation, or simply used for business purposes. Preferably in a cheap car rental we must always be careful, because if not, we could be exposed to unexpected additional costs.
Here are tips for renting a vehicle:

Find the right car rental company means there are offices and employees.
Looking for rental companies can contact them via the Internet and via phone / e-mail first.
The characteristics of the leasing company is credible when we ordered the vehicle will be serviced by employees and E-mail/fax reply you as soon as possible
Once you order you will be required to pay the booking at least 1 day in advance rental services to ensure certainty of booking your vehicle
No major car rental companies that accept payment by credit card. To be on the safe side you can pay with a credit card.
Alfamart official partner merchandise FIFA piala dunia Brazil 2014  Peruse the entire state of the vehicle following letters, key equipment, spare tire, etc..
It would be nice if the vehicle is equipped with an all risk insurance.
Rental vehicles usually provide a special vehicle registration car rental to tenants.
After the signature of your rental documents to get a copy and keep it carefully if there are problems in the way of such an accident, strike etc. promptly contact telpnya and do not forget to ask the phone that can be in contact 24 hours.
Cheap car rental is a wise way to save your money by choosing a car that is economical. Great car may not be the best solution because the car consumes more fuel in accompany your holiday. If you choose a smaller car it will save you in fuel use and can more freely when entering the narrow streets, but certainly not the place selega great car.


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