Harvest Coffee cultivation is done in stages , harvest can occur within 4-5 months with interval plucking every 10-14 days . Harvesting and post-harvest processing will determine the quality of the final product . Next, please read the article how to Pasang Iklan baris Gratis Tanpa Daftar harvest and process coffee cherries PengoPT . Natural Nusantara trying to realize the expectations along with technical guides and product package without forgetting Aspects of K - 3, ie the quantity , quality and sustainability are now becoming one of the conditions of competition in the era of globalization .

For mountainous land / tilt for terrace .
Subtract / add fast growing shade trees approximately 1:4 to 1 : 8 of the amount of coffee plants .
Prepare ripe manure as much as 25-50 kg , distribute Natural GLIO , let stand one week and for planting hole 60 x 60 or 75 x 75 cm with a spacing of 2.5 x 2 , 5 to 2.75 x 2.75 m at least 2 months before planting

Prepare quality seeds from trees that have been known production of breeder seed is usually reliable .
Create a box or bumbunan soil for seeding with a thick layer of sand about 5 cm .
Create the protective sheath or paranet with a gradual reduction if the seedlings have grown .
Flush nurseries routinely by looking at soil wetness .
Seeds will germinate in approximately 1 month , choose healthy seedlings and do transfer to polybags with hati2 that does not break the root seedling age 2 -3 months after the initial seeding .
Add NPK fertilizer as basal fertilizer ( see table ) until the age of 12 months .
Pour 1 tablespoon SUPERNASA dose per 10 liters of water , take 250 ml of the solution per tree .
After 4 months old seedlings spray
Bisnis cap NASA POC 2 per tank once a month until the age of 7-9 months and the seedlings are ready for planting .
Fertilizer Dosage table for Coffee Seed


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