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Jasa SEO handal His sake only foster new Blogspot blog first and given name Qyra Qalisha cuisine . Blog URL is MasakanQyra.blogspot.com .
However , there are some problems that he faced . He did not know the boy choose a suitable template for Blogger blogs .
So , he decided to seek the appropriate template for the blog . obat telat bulan Prior to that , he refer 5 criteria in selecting the preferred template cherished readers and Google .Terms # 1 : Less 3 ColorsBlack is a color . White had two . So stay one vacancy for a typical color of our blog .
If there are templates X gray , he is still in the white group . For my blog , I love the color yellow symbolizes kerana he followed school of positive thinking Edward de Bono .
... obat aborsi Then the blue color is Qyra Qalisha choice .
Terms # 2 : Over 2 ColumnIn the same period , we need to choose a template that has 2 colum up . My blog is 2 column , ie 1 post and 1 column to another column for the sidebar .
However, if we use a blog to journal daily , according to the template over 1 column like my blog peribadi namely Danial AR . By kerana template 1 column gave 100 % to the foundation of reading , such as the Zen Habits blog .
... Then , 3 column template into Qyra Qalisha choice , ie to column 1 alat bantu sex left sidebar , post in the middle for 2 column and right sidebar for column 3 .
Indirectly we can imagine how Qyra Qalisha template that will be used later .
Terms # 3 : Loading time less 5Follow SEO experts , over 10 pages loading time is less intimate SEO .Why ?
alat bantu sex By kerana , slow loading pages , then page X it would be slow in the index lookups . Moreover , slow loading pages are also hard to read by the reader kerana online readers are less patient .
To be honest , we do not like something if only those pages loading slowly . Although the page has something good again berkualiti content .
" But Danial , why do you say about 5 times. "
Because our blog loading fast again , then better .
Template to ensure that we will use later loading with pantasnya , jasa pembuatan toko online murah we should know the appropriateness sesebuah template X with conductivity ( submit ) URL on the page Pingdom .
.... So , Qyra Qalisha Cuba templates one by one he likes . Finally , after 2 template may filtered accordingly.
Terms # 4 : Fonts and Font Family Saiz who Selesa ReadsI like to emphasize this very important requirement . Even if we do not deliberately make endah this condition , led us in a state hated blog readers .
Why ?
Another blog something small font size , the more difficult the son read it .
To select the appropriate font size is 14px to 16px in the environment or obat pembesar penis even more good . ( Seriously , read through the verse . )
For the font family , the font family to Serif or Sans Serif . Not forgotten line-height is also important . Saiz good line-height is 28px , 1.5em , 1.6em or 1.7em .
Blog Art Blog Bina to 16px font size , font Open Sans family and line-height 28px .How nak bush font size , font family and line-height ?
Habit , in the template and of the search code . Post-body . Nescaya , there is no written jawapannya .
Or we may inspect element sake only to scrub everything .
Bush font size using inspect element

... So , Qyra Qalisha Choosing a template 16px font size , font family Arial and line-height 26px .
Terms # 5 : SEO Mesrapasang iklan baris gratis tanpa daftar " Yes I know SEO intimate select the template , but the kid knows how he tenderly at no SEO or not ? "
Same bush there is a template which we will use later is no description meta - tags and title in intimate SEO or not ?
Selalunya , we may know the cod - cod bush under there atapun not :

<meta expr:content='data:blog.metaDescription' name='description'/>

... and ,

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "index"'>
<title> <data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/> < / title>
<title> <data:blog.pageTitle/> < / title>
< / b : if>

Custom, code - code above is the code - code <head> meta tag < / head> .obat pembesar penis
Another aspect is also important like the H - tags , rich snippets , open graph meta tags and others. However , meta - tags and title - tag is the most important for SEO .
... Indeed , Qyra conference Qalisha already almost perfect template for his blog . Then , he leads ' letter ' in love with Danial Abdul Rahim . ( Hehe. )5 Tips on Creating a Blog Visitors & Love - Do you have a problem with his little visitor on your blog ? , Are you confused by the most in love blog visitors ? . If you have these problems then this article is his solution . Here I will explain how to blog so that visitors like us .
5 Tips on Creating a Blog Visitors & Love
It is in need of some special startegy that could make us a successful blog peluang usaha online , and got a lot of money from the blog we are working on . You just need to follow the tips below if you want to get a lot of visitors to the blog in Natural :
1 . Blog Display ( Template )I often discuss this in some of my articles . The blog template is an important priority for blogging . Many bloggers are confused and choose the template that an origin - origin , ultimately affects their blog visitors .
If you want to get a lot of loyal visitors look at your blog template . You can learn this in my article " How to choose a template for your blog " .
2 . Topic or Niche blogThis became the basis of my No. 2 in this article . Very important topic for a future blog to blog his pulau pari dino way forward . Choose a topic that you control , and in the most ideal blogs that have 2 to 3 Niche . I myself made ​​this blog with the Niche Blog Tutorial , Info Blog and its other interesting information .
Many theories have proved : " If you want to have a lot of visitors , create a blog with a lot of topics ( blog hodgepodge or a mixture ) , If you want to get a lot of loyal visitors , create a blog with a particular topic " . It will be your choice later .
3 . Create an article with interesting contents and Unique TitlesInteresting article does not mean that you have to make the article look stiff and serious . Interesting article that is easy to understand articles that visitors , despite his grammar is not perfect , but the message can be captured by the visitors . Also apply SEO techniques in your blog article , so the article easier to find through search engines visitors
Often to make the title unique , so visitors easily penasran with the article . pulau pari In this case I will give you a little example , an article with the same title and which you think is unique ? ,Back again in the blog Awur - awuran X - ray Comunity on this blog are not my only purpose to share my experiences in blogging , maybe my experience is nothing compared blogger buddies experience it all , so please understand if there are flaws in my writing a blog Awur - awuran this . On this post I will share Tips To Make like Google and the previous articles I share Tips Choosing a theme and title of article after we choose a theme and a title in the manufacture of the next article we will definitely try that article that we make like google , because google as one of the search engines most widely used today , and certainly if we preferred article by google and there on page 1 of our bisnis online blog will automatically get visitors from google .
And below are some Tips To Make Google favoredara Getting Qualified Backlink title deliberately adopted to continue the article about seo that the main focus or theme of this blog . In some forums or blog posts of other bloggers fellow colleagues to review a lot about how to get backlinks to your will , but remember that to get quality backlinks is not a easy job but it took hard work from the owner of the blog so that later on the backlinks that can really have and the most important quality is determined by the popularity of quality backlinks backlink sources as well as the theme of the blog we backlink sources we should be really relevant to the theme of the blog that we stretcher . And once again I reiterate here that the quest or get backlinks from sites that have the same theme , it will increase your keyword positions in the backlink google.Jika different theme is not too powerful even be in vain .
In building quality backlinks and getting backlinks you need to consider a few things you should know may need include:
1 . Try to target your backlinks are dofollow . Dofollow Blog is a obat telat bulan blog that has a link in the comments with dofollow status . Dofollow status is usually characterized by the presence of the attribute rel = dofollow , where the link will be followed and pursued further by the search engines like google , etc. , so of course the link will be considered as a backlink .
2 . Try backlinks you get are one way links. What is a one way link ? One way links are backlinks that we should get them for free without the need for a reply . Confused ? I demonstrated this . Suppose you get a backlink from a website such a man , if you get 1 backlink direction . That means only a certain man websites that provide a link to your website , while if 2 -way . That means you must also provide a link back to the website of the Anu .
3 . In an effort to get backlinks you remain consistent in doing so .pasang iklan online  means this is duly did search link only and not excessive . Do not look for backlinks 500 links in a day , and if you do this sometimes search engines consider your actions as spam . Do a search backlinks link only 10-30 a day and it did a day or every other day
Then how to get quality backlinks this ? . There are several ways or techniques and methods used in the search or get quality backlinks which this through :
1 . Commenting on a blog neighborCommenting on a blog neighbor to get backlinks very effectively done than this is the way to get backlinks is more important to be well established brotherhood and camaraderie among fellow bloggers .
2 . obat aborsi Submit your articles to social bookmarking sites dofollowMany social bookmarking blog blogs that exist on the internet today which usually blog blogs or social bookmarking sites , many have members that you can make your blog as a means of promotion .
3 . Post in a forum that is famous and has a lot of members .In addition to submit your article on the social bookmarking can also use the forum as an easy way to get the quality backlinks . In these forums you can do so by asking or answering all the problems presented members and you can put your blog link to the signature of the most frequently found in the forums
4 . exchanging linksExchanging links is a way to get baclink bloggers made ​​by exchanging alat bantu sex links with each other and then put it on their blog . A blog for example, put the blog link in the blog page A , and vice versa .
Similarly, article on How to Get Quality Backlinks may be usefulYou 're reading the article on How to Get Quality Backlinks and you can find the article How To Get The Qualified Backlink http://pemburuseo.blogspot.com/2013/08/cara-mendapatkan-backlink-berkualitas.html the URL , read the article How to Have thanks get quality backlinks you may spread or copy - paste Expand her if Article How to Get quality backlinks is very useful to you , but do not forget to put the link "How to Get Backlink quality" as the Source .
Place keywords evenly on the beginning and end of each paragraph
Mark the key words in bold , underline , text color , text Italics etc.
    alat bantu sex
Make the keywords with anchor tek to articles that we make
Make it unique and original article
Make an article that favored visitors , because visitors liked the article automatically makes visitors linger in the web / blog and most likely in the article we will share to fb , twitter or share on blogs masing2 source along with links to our blog , we automatically obtain additional in bound links from our visitor earlier .
So my article on Tips To Make Google favored if there is an error and said there was a feeling this article from your blog copy and paste the results I apologize , because this truly original of my thoughts and the result of my blogging experience so far in my blog other .( - ) How to Create a Blog( + ) Easy way to make an interesting blog
( - ) How to reproduce the end of the blog( + ) How to Quickly multiply blog visitors in 1 month
You definitely know his answer right? , Which is marked ( + ) is pulau tidung more interesting than sign ( - ) . Just add a few words of the title of the monotony that looks unique .
4 . Treat your Blog Visitors as friendBe admin blog that has a Friendly and open nature , visitors to the blog like this . Make your article as if communicating with visitors by asking a few questions , then unconsciously they will answer in the liver .
Admin should not be mysterious by wearing the White Mask Hecker style that makes you mysterious . hey bro ...! Blogger was the artist , show yourself so that your face and make your blog more attractive to them . Visitors also want to know who the author of the article behind it super interesting , and want to make friends and learn from the blog owner . Do not lower themselves when they call you master or mastah , although equally Newbie , appreciate lah whatever they call to you .
pulau tidung Provide Contac Form or contact an admin so easy mengubungi your blog visitors . See the example contac admin that I made , click here .
5 . Be Yourself ( Be Your Self )Being yourself is the best thing in the world . By being yourself you will be more comfortable with the things you do . In the world of bloggers There are 2 things you need to know the theory of Be Your Self :
- In writing an article try to write with your own grammar (just do not Alay language ) , to facilitate the writing of articles- Make your blog look different from the others , even if you downloaded the same template with other bloggers , try gadget or widget blog that you use has a different style from pulau tidung other blogs but have the same function , such as widgets related articles below my posts .
So is article 5 Tips on Creating a Blog Visitors & Love , may be useful for you . A message from me , " To be a good blogger is easy , but to be the best blogger is difficult and takes a long process " , and do not let your blog go kategory type of blog that hated visitors . That's all from me , thanks for reading this article .Bottom - Templates Blogger Templates MengguirkanThis will enable me and you to find Blogger templates berkualiti . So I gather sudahpun listings pages provide templates that we mahukan .
How to choose a quality Blogger Template ? For those of you who are planning want to create a blog from Blogger or Blogspot , or want to replace the less precise blogger template for your content at this time , pulau tidung there are some tips to choose the Blogger template that is suitable for your blog . There are several considerations for choosing templates blogger , from its SEO considerations and view display blogger template itself will affect your blog in the search engines . Let us see what are the tips on choosing a qualified Blogger Template ;

Tips on Choosing a Blogger Template
1 . Blog Themes
Consideration Blog theme also fundamental to choose a template blogger . Suppose Blog You talk about " Football Information " and you also have to choose a blog theme that has to do with football not too far off the mark from the theme . Customize with your blog theme .
2 . Choose SEO Blogger Template
To select a SEO Blogger template , pulau tidung  make sure the template has a good blog navigation , the structure of Heading Tag H1 to H6 for the sake of SEO , social media sharing There are below or above the post and also on the right sidebar . Please read Secrets of SEO Blogger Template that I share long before you are looking for tips on choosing a qualified blogger template .
3 . Blogger Template Light
Choose a blog template that is light, not too much image or background images into your blog , do not have a lot of java script links , blogs light of choice in selecting a quality blogger template . Blog speed will affect your position in the Google search page . iklan massal  The more lightweight (fast) then the higher your position in the Search Engine blog .

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