When the best pollen from the male flowers to pollinate that is used when the male flowers bloom and issued a yellow powder . ; Usually fragrant flowers are typical and can be smelled from a little distance away . If the male flower supplies little pollen can then be stored .How to harvest and store the male flowers is to take each cob male flowers are already blooming and have yellow pollen , then a knock - knock on a pad of paper and then cleaned of dirt , put plastic airtight and stored at temperature 5 - 10oC . In this way pollen quality can be maintained between 1-3 months .Pollination can be done with the help of humans to clean the sheath of flowers that had bloomed Malal then put the male flowers are in bloom on the perfect flowers or female flowers and then given a shield of leaves bark so as not exposed to rain . Persarian can also be done by tapping the male flowers to the female flowers are already blooming . Time pollination should be done 2 days after anthesis .
Another way is to clean the sheath pollination of flowers
Gudang303 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014om the outside like rain , sun or wind the flowers need disungkup the leaf bark . At pollination in order to get seeds from crosses to improved varieties , the flowers need to be wrapped in wax paper to avoid contamination with pollen lain.Proses Formation Plant Seeds In the most important feature of sexual reproduction is the conception , namely the union of female and male cells cells ( gametes ) . The results of the unification is called a zygote . The zygote contains two krosom of individual male and female individuals and is the first cell of a new individual . Zygote will grow into an embryo ( fetus ) in the seeds . When the seeds germinated plants will be grown . Because the embryo has the properties of both parents , the ability to pass these traits through seeds from generation to generation . Interest is an important phase in the process of seed formation . Basically the interest consists of several organs , but only two organs are involved in the formation of seeds , ie stamens (stamens ) and pistil ( pistil ) . Stamens produce pollen which each form a male gamete . While the pistil will form the ovule ( ovulum ) containing eggs . At the time of pollination , the pollen fall on the stigma , the pollen tube is formed , then fertilization takes place between sperm with eggs . End of the fertilization process is the formation of seeds . The structure of interest is very diverse , however there is a general pattern of a variety of plants . All flowers have the same framework structure . Special flower stalk is formed on the flower stalk or pedicellus . At the apex enlarged flower parts are arranged . One part is the flower petals ( calyx ) of this section which is usually ride on green leaf sheath ( sepalum ) . Before blooming , the petals leaves wrap the other flower parts . While the most prominent ang is the flower petals ( petalum ) that collectively disbeut crown ( corolla ) . Calyx and corolla together make up the ornate flower or perianth . Petal color can be white , red , orange , yellow , blue and so on .
If the observed image mofologi a flower , the interest lies in the center part pistil ( pistillum ) , which is usually shaped bottle with a swollen base
called the ovaries ( ovarian ) . These parts are interconnected by a stalk to the stigma of the pistil ( stylus ) . Inside there will buanh ovule . Pistil itself is formed by unit Danun fruit ( carpellum ) which are collectively called gynaecium ) . At the top there is a petal stamen consisting of stalk juice ( filamentum ) that looks sleek with anthers ( enthra ) containing pollen ( pollen ) . The entire collection is called stamen androecium . There are two kinds of pistils , which is simple and pistil compound pistil . Manjemuk pistil composed of two or more pieces of leaves , while the simple poetic only composed of one chapel alone . Ovule is formed on the inner surface near the edge of the leaf pieces . Place attached ovule or seed called tembun or placenta . In pea plants and nuts can be a line ter - ovule attached to the edge of the fused carpels . While the flower champaca ( Magnolia ) , there are some simple pistil . Usually when there are a few pistil , it will be merged to form a compound pistil and only one pistil are formed in the flower . Consolidation of the fruit leaves can occur in two ways . First , smelting carpel
Dewapoker.com Poker Online Yang Pertama Dan Terbesar Di Indonesia s near the edge or along the edges to form a large sac that develops inside the ovule . Second , carpels widened to the middle and melting occurs along the edges , so that the seeds will be collected at the center . This is a characteristic of the various groups of plants and is used as a key factor in the identification and classification . Although generally flowers have the same structure , diversity of interest shown by the odifikasi bagianbagian interest . Some of these modifications allow for diversity in pollination . In addition it is also an indication of the modification process of evolution , so it is used as a tool to determine the kinship of various plants . Flower parts are generally arranged in a circle . The number of circles usually four or five . The outer circle shows sepalum , and so on petalum , one or two circles stamens , carpels united loop menjadil compound pistil . The number of parts in each circle varies according to species , but usually remains . In class Angiospermae , grouping monocots and dicots differentiated than the sum of interest on each circle . In dicotyledonous group , the number of parts or multiples of four or five , for example five sepalum , five petalum , 10 stamens , and five carpels . In plants there are six sections tulip perianth , six stamens , and three carpels . In some plants the stamens and carpels numerous Receptacle attached to be twisted and not a circle . The combination of the arrangement between the spiral and the large number of stamens and carpels considered as an indication primitive level ore in the evolutionary development compared with the arrangement in a circle with the parts in small quantities . Smelting flower parts can occur in various ways , namely petals forming a tube , carpels into a compound pistil , and ovary wall fused . The existence of smelting flower parts showed evousioner development . The grouping of flowers can be based on the completeness of flower parts , ie flower perfect and imperfect flowers . A perfect flower has four floral organs can be distinguished , namely the sepals , petals , stamens and pistil . Flowers are not perfect when one organ is not there , if any rudimentary shape and could only be identified by careful examination . In many plants , such as petal has been lost , and only sepalnya shKursus SEO dan Internet Marketing Terbaik di Jakartaaped scales , teeth , or a notch . Perianthnya plant parts become very small or inconspicuous . Gramineae example , some Acer , Quercus , and Ulmus . Reduction in the number can also be found on the stamen and pistil . Flowers that have both function and called bisexual . If one does not exist or does not work , then the interest rate disnamakan uniseksual . If there is only stamens , then called staminate or male flowers ; otherwise called pistilat or if only the female flowers have no stamens pistil . Both kinds of flowers uniseksual can be found on the same plant , such as corn , most begonias , Japanese pumpkin , cucumber and others. 4.2 Fruit , Seeds and Seed Development After fertilization , the ovary develops into a fruit with seeds . Mature ovary wall called perikarp cover plants flower seeds , hence the term " angiosperms " is used to name the plants that have seeds terttutup . Several types of fruit into kerig when ripe ; any other type of meat. Dried fruit is then broke , and there are not chapped when ripe . Kinds of fruit and a single seed chapped generally small , as for example is the sunflower and corn where buannya often called seeds . Fertilization process will directly affect seed . In addition the process will also affect the development of the whole fruit tissue indirectly . If the stigma is not fertilized , and fertilization does not occur , at least in some of the ovule , the flowers usually wither and fall without further development . These reactions seem beruhungan with growth hormone or auxin which are compounds contained in fruit . Auxin is usually generated by a network of fruit growing and apparently responsible for both the subsequent growth and the abiliIddetik.com Forum terbesar di indonesiaty to compete with other parts of the plant body in obtaining food . Growth stops on flowers and ripe for new developments memulain needed some stimulant . This stimulation becomes available with the pollination and fertilization .


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