Air will continue production in the second year . Rows of trees , can also be removed and replaced with superior plants are selected . Rows of new plantings can produce after 5 years . However , during that time interval menyemak remaining rows can grow fully and reach peak production . If the gaps between the rows menyemak be less than 1 m , rows of trees should be pruned uncontrolled , to provide space for rejuvenation or planting rows back . This system allows continuous harvesting with a higher yield , and will gradually enhance the pro AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE , AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA

duction rate . In Australia , the maintenance menyemak row using the crop tool which is above the tractor being tested .
Pests and Diseases
In hot and humid weather , anthracnose ( Colletotrichum gloeorporioider ) will attack the young shoots and flowers that will become dry and fall off . Infection of the fruit will cause necrosis and fruit will fall as well . The disease is often associated with insects and / or fungi . Eradication is by cutting and burning the affected areas ; the use of fungicides is generally not economical . Selection of resistant plants is perhaps the action was better . Powdery mildew ( powdery mildew ) often arise in cashew nut plantation land . Part of the affected plants will be covered by a white fungus growing . The leaves can be lined merut , dries , and loss, Similarly , the collapse of the flower . This fungus requires a humid environment and trees planted meetings can be more powerful than the terserangnya trees planted sparsely. Sulfur can eradicate the disease , but fungicide low , it still happens too expensive . The damage caused by the beetle Helopeltic very serious in cashew nut production area in Africa and India . These insects suck the fluid leaves , but most were destroyed inflorescence and young fruit , which will dry inflorescence and young fruit will fall . Eradication using contact insecticides can be done , but the cost is too expensive . Many other fungi ( causing lodoh and wilt ) has been recorded . Other pests can also damage the local crop , such as wood borer pests , cutting - bracelet sucker rod or pests , such as ' thrips ' . Even so , such diseases and pests that seldom economically detrimental .
Harvest and Post Harvest
This seasonal crops and lasts for 2-3 months , because blooms per inflorescence and per tree obstructed , and the cashew nut tree can not flowering simultaneously . The best quality is achieved when the fruit falls Geluk freshly dried and stored directly . Geluknya fruit must be collected at least once a week . Land under trees should be free of weeds and always cleaned in order to facilitate the collection of fallen fruit . After t AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE , AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA

he quasi discarded fruit , dried fruit Geluk in the sun so that the water content dropped from 25 % to 9 % . With good drying , cashew can maintain its quality , especially taste . Seeds should not absorb any more water during storage ; equilibrium water content average of 9 % at a temperature of 27 ° C , with relative humidity of 70% . Pseudo- ripe fruit that will be used in a fresh state should be picked every day ....


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