The degree of soil acidity suitable for pineapple plants is 4.5-6.5. Liming the soil is done by Calcit or dolomite or lime Zeagro or other material by means of evenly sprinkled and mixed with top soil, especially soils react to acidic (pH below 4.5). Lime dose adjusted to soil pH, but generally range between 2-4 tonnes / ha. If it does not rain, Judi Poker Online dan Domino Kiu Kiu Uang Asli Indonesia irrigation is done immediately after liming the soil so quickly dissolves limestone.
3) Fertilization In a pineapple planting done manure at a dose of 20 tons per hectare. Mode of administration: mixed evenly with topsoil or incorporated per planting hole. Also used inorganic fertilizer NPK and urea. Nitrogen (N) is necessary for plant growth, phosphorus is needed for several months at the beginning of the growth, while potassium is required for the development of the fruit, especially pineapple. Urea fertilizer use combined with flowering stimulant.
3. Planting Techniques
1) Determination of Planting Pattern Cropping pattern is an arrangement of plant layout and sequence of plant species with a certain time, within a year. In a pineapple planting techniques exist some cropping systems, namely: o The system is a single line or a square with a spacing of 150 x 150 cm, both within and between rows; 90 x 30 cm spacing in rows 30 cm, and the distance between rows was 90 cm. o The system of double lines with a spacing of 60 x 60 cm, and the distance between the left and right rows from row 2 is 150 cm and a spacing of 45 x 30 cm, and the distance between crop rows to the left and right of the second row of plants is 90 cm. o System triplicate rows at a spacing of 30 x 30 cm form an equilateral triangle with the distance between the rows to the left / right of the third row of plants: 90 cm and a spacing of 40 x 30 cm spacing between rows to the left / right of Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia the third row is 90 cm. o Quadruple line system with spacing of 30 x 30 cm and the distance between the rows to the left / right of the fourth row of plants 90 cm.
2) Hole Making Plant


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