Storage method is usually done with the system refrigasi
(Cooling), with a temperature of 0 to 4.4 degrees Celsius and RH 85-90%. Room
keep the storage in the fresh air can always circulate and change.Chickpea cultivation requires a lot of sunlight with moderate rainfall. This plant is suitable to be cultivated at the end of the rainy season and early dry season. Beans are also sensitive to waterlogging so drainage area must be properly addressed.

SARANA99.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAIn Indonesia there are two types of bean plants. There are growing vines and erect. Bean vines can have a height up to 2 meters and convenient lodging. Therefore, the need to help lenjeran bamboo to sustain. While the type that only 60 cm tall upright and does not require lenjeran bamboo to grow. On this occasion, we will describe ways in the cultivation of vine-type beans.Treatment of land for cultivation of organic chickpeas
Treatment of land for cultivation of organic beans with a slightly different tillage for vegetable leaves. First of all the land plowed for digemburkan. Combine lime sour taste when ground conditions. Then make a 1 meter wide beds with 20-30 cm high. Distance of 30-40 cm between beds.
Make the planting hole on the bed to form two lines with a line spacing of 50-60 and in rows 30 cm distance. Enter manure or compost into the planting holes, about a hand grip. For one hectare of crop takes about 20 tons of manure or compost. Let the compost for 1-3 days.Preparing seed beans
Bean cultivation is propagated by seed selected from healthy plants and fertile. How the selection is based on the best beds where beans grow. Reasons for the selection of plants according to the beds so that the aging process does not disturb the plants lainnya.Jika seed selection chosen based on individual plant crop failures will occur in other individuals who grew up in the same beds. This can happen because the plants are experiencing aging fruit will suck up nutrients for other plants. So that the fruit crop will not be seeded crop failures. agen poker online texas poker yang terpercayaFruit seeds are selected to be picked and selected candidates. Choose fruit that is large and perfect shape. Then the beans drying fruit in the sun to dry, usually 1-2 days. Once dried, the fruit peel and take the seeds.
Store the seeds in a clean glass bottle. Once the bottle is full of seeds, fill the mouth of the bottle with wood ash as cover. Benefits of wood ash as a medium caps absorb moisture. So that the environment inside the bottle remains dry, but still allow for air exchange. Bean seeds are stored properly can last in room temperature for 6 months.Planting beans
The most effective way in the cultivation of beans are seeds planted directly without seeding process. Enter the bean seeds ready to plant into the hole that was created. Fill each hole with 2 bean seeds. Then cover with soil, and then periodically flush when dry soil conditions. Bean seed requirement is 50 kg per hectare.
Beans begin to germinate in 3-7 days after planting. On the 7th day usually sprouts have grown in unison.Chickpea cultivation care
Some care is required in the cultivation of beans including raising the ground, bamboo lenjer installation and subsequent fertilization. Bean crop is drought resistant plants, we do not need to water it every day. Though the rain only happens once in a week, beans can still grow well. Watering is only done if the condition is severe drought.
About 2 weeks after planting, increase soil around the plant is located. It means that the soil covering the roots are poking and strengthen the position of the root. In addition, the increase of land intended for weeding plants intruder. By raising the soil, weeds will be uprooted and die.
Installation of bamboo or pengajiran lenjer can
GLOBALBOLA.COM AGEN BOLA PIALA DUNIA 2014 SBOBET IBCBET CASINO POKER TANGKAS TOGEL ONLINE TERBAIK TERBESAR DAN TERPERCAYAbe done after the 2nd week. Put the bamboo lenjer almost 2 meters, and combine every four lenjer at the base of it. Installation required in order lenjer rose vines and fruit are not on the ground.Fertilization aftershocks given at week 3. Give a lump of compost or manure that has been cooked on each plant. Total supplementary fertilizer needs about 20 tons per hectare.Pest and disease control


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