In addition to adding a green, grass cover can also empty and unkempt impression on the park home page. Kinds of ornamental grasses and Pulau TidungJapanese bulrush relatively easy life. However, the plant can not be arbitrary. Weather factors, fertilizer and drainage should be carefully considered. Here are the steps of planting.
  Japanese grass is one of the genius that is frequently planted ornamental grass in the yard to beautify the park. How to grow grass japan also very easy. Another name in the Japanese grass is another area often called needle grass or grass hogs. Benefits of Japanese grass is also used as a drag tanah.Cara Japanese plant grass should also pay attention to the weather, fertilizer and drainage. The characteristics of Japanese grass is green leafy like spines, about 5cm high and growing clustered. Here's a picture of grass japan
Japanese grass
Japanese grass
Figure 1. Lawn Japan
Japanese grass image
  Japanese grass image
Figure 2. Lawn Japan

The grass has its own structure that allows it to c
Pulau Pramukaompete in the wild with other plants and win.
The grass is widely used as a ground cover on the ball field, golf, where
live, super malls and so on. Field turf is very important this part of a landscape to support its beauty. Besides grass field can also be used to prevent erosion. This green field acts as a "natural carpet that protects soil from bad environmental conditions (temperature, precipitation, and angina). Health and beauty of a meadow was
depending on how he does cultivation techniques.

b. breeding Grass
Grass generally reproduce in two ways, namely generative (seeds) and vegetative. Generative (seeds) plant propagation by seed, will produce a new individual is dependent on the nature of both parents.
Breeding in this way sometimes produce children who do not resemble the parent.
For planting grass from seed then it must first be sown in plots seedlings or sprouts tub.
Seedling plot size varied depending on how much area will be planted and the type of grass.
It is better to put the top soil and soil organic matter with a thickness of 2 inches, the material
This organic growth and will help improve soil porosity to facilitate transplanting.
Plants can be moved planting new grass, after the age of approximately 2 (two) months.
Vegetative propagation can be done through a portion of the gras
Wisata Pulau Paris-specific portion. Usually stolon or rhizome. This method is usually done for hybrid grasses that normally produce and flowers can not produce seeds (sterile
or barren). Th


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