Regency and Tangerang City has much to cultivate freshwater fish and have a high income. Hopefully other major towns in the province can Baten meanfaatkan this opportunity both for local and export market.
Tips for successful fish farming hickey

Betta fish are tropical fish. Spread surrounding region of Southeast Asia, Africa to the Pacific. In the wild these fish live in groups, are found in swamps, lakes, and rivers current is calm.

Betta fish love shallow waters shaded agen poker online dan domino online terbaik di indonesia aquatic plants. Food hickey original habitat is water fleas, mosquito larvae, and worms fibers. For the maintenance of the aquarium can be given artificial feed.

Betta fish can live in environments polluted water and lack of oxygen. This fish can be kept in a small jar even without the aerator. This capability is achieved by Betta fish has a labyrinth cavity as in the human lung. The labyrinth can make it able to survive in oxygen-poor environments.
Types of betta fish

In general there are two types of betta fish, namely decorative betta and betta complaint. Hickey ornamental maintained to enjoy the beauty of color and shape. Fins beautifully fluffy, graceful movements with attractive colors. While the complaint maintained betta betta fighting for race or limited to mere pleasure.


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