Cultivation and use of tobacco in Indonesia has been known since long. Commodity tobacco has a very important sense, not only as a source of income for the farmers, but also for NegaraTanaman Tobacco is a plant annuals, but in the world, including in the agricultural and horticultural crops, including the crops.

Tobacco (leaves) used as coke manufacturing ro. Agricultural Enterprises tobacco is labor-intensive effort. Despite the area's tobacco plantation in Indonesia, it is estimated only about 207 020 hectares, But then again, when compared to
SBOBET IBCBET Terpercaya Piala Dunia 2014 rice farming, tobacco farming requires workforce by almost three-fold. As with any agricultural activities lainnyaPada first stage planting tobacco, seeds embedded in a specially designed nursery. At the same time, farmers are carefully preparing the ground in their land. After two months in the nursery, the seeds will grow into plants 15-20 inches tall and ready to be moved into the field. Crops grown on the farm and then for two to three months thereafter. During the growing process, treated crops to maximize yield and quality. Regularly treated soil and crops are carefully protected from pests and diseases.

The next level of harvest. Harvesting can be done by picking the leaves one by one for Virginia and Oriental tobacco, or by removing the entire plant as the type of Burley. The process of harvesting should be done when the leaves have matured and in top condition for the next stage, namely pengeringan.Tembakau process is pretty much cultivated commodity farmers. To obtain the optimal harvest PT. Natural Nusantara trying to help increase the production in quantity, quality and sustainability (Aspects of K-3)​​.


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