Restrictions on the number of shoots (Wiwil)

     At the age of 1 month excess shoots discarded /
Agen Bola dirempes, leaving 2 shoots the most good.

D. Weeding and Pembubunan

     Weeding is done at least 1-2 times, so that the plants weed free up to the age of 3 months.

     At the age of 2-3 months should be pembubunan.

E. Pesticide Spraying for Pests

     The type and dosage of pesticide adapted to the type of illness. Pesticide spraying is best done in the afternoon. Pesticide dose adjusted to pests and penyakit.Namun with the use of organic pesticides in the form of nasa PESTONA + aero-810 before we can disemprotkannya plant pests or diseases.

F. Harvest
Cassava harvesting varies according to the characteristics varietasnya.
Judi Bola Online ciri and harvesting cassava as follows:


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