hoeing soil around the plants and fertilized  From some sprouted shoots were maintained 1 -2 growth is good and straight up.  Once large enough, connected with the type of good and high production.
GudangPoker.com  Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercaya5. Fertilization a. Fertilizer dose of coffee per tree are:  Age 1 year: 50 g urea, 40 g TSP, and 40 grams of KCL.  Age 2 years: 100 g urea, 80 g TSP, and 80 grams of KCL.  Age 3 years: 150 g of urea, 100 g TSP, and 100 grams of KCL.  Age 4 years: 200 g of urea, 100 g TSP, and 100 grams of KCL.  Age 5-10 years: 300 g of urea, 150 g TSP, and 240 grams of KCL.  Age 10 yrs and older: 500 g of urea, 200 g TSP, and 320 grams of KCL. b. Fertilizer is given twice a year, at the start and end of each rainy season each half dose. c. Method of fertilization by making a circular trench ± 10 cm-deep trees, the distance of the tree canopy project (± 1 m) 6. Disease Control. a. Pests  Pest Fruit Powder  The cause is a kind of small beetle  Attacking young and old fruit  Control with mechanically ie by collecting the fruits attacked, the technical culture with thinning shade and whereas plants with insecticides in chemis Dimecron 50 SCW, Tamaron, Argothion, Lebaycide, Sevin 85 S with a dose of 2 cc / liters of water.  Powder Branch (Xyloborus moliberus)  Attacking / broaching small branches and twigs 3-7 from the top of the coffee.  The leaves turn yellow and fall off then the branch will be mongering.  Controlling pests like the fruit powder. b. Diseases Leaf Rust Disease  The cause is a kind of fungus.  sign no attack yellowish red blotches on the bottom leaf, while on the surface there are patches of yellow leaves. Then leaf autumn, the end of the young branches become dry and dried black cherries and quality is not good then the plant will die.  Control the technical culture by growing arabica coffee sepertio resistant S 333, S 288 and S 795 and keep the condition FungisidaDithane M-45 at a dose of 2 g / liter of water. c. Harvest  Coffee Arabica begin to bear fruit at the age of 4 years.  Pick ripe fruit well with the color red, the old order to produce quality coffee.
SARANA99.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA At the time of harvesting (picking) to be careful so that no part


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