efore you jump in the business world online shop ( selling online ) , there are 5 things that can be the key to success in running a business online store . It is based on personal experience and observation Bandrex Bang Bang Bandrex have done against peers online businesses that have managed to increase the five keys to success in business pendapatannya. Online Store are:
Keyword ( Keyword )

Basically there are two types of blog visitors , iklan top indonesia those who are just looking for information ( articles, red ) and those who want to find their products to buy or sell them back . If you want to do business online stores , of the type of visitors that you shoot is the second type , ie those who want to find a product . For example , if you sell woven sarongs , the right word is selling woven sarongs , wholesale sarongs woven , woven sarongs manufacturers , etc. , where in essence the person typing these keywords are those who really want to look for products woven sarongs . Another thing you should consider is the selection by considering the number of keywords and the number of search results . Bang Bandrex will discuss in the next session .
Product Selection

Before you make an online store , a good idea to do some research first to determine what products are really needed in the search and in cyberspace . You need to note , that the product selection and the selection of keywords is a package that can not be separated . Some things you should consider in selecting the products and keywords are What products will we sell many are looking for and need in cyberspace ? Is it a lot of players ( competitors ) of the products that we will sell in the online world ? Are we able to compete with them on price and quality ?
election Supplier

For those of you who already have a business manufactures its own products , of course this should not be a problem for you because you are the one who will be the supplier for your potential customers . But for those who play dropshipping , of supplier selection becomes a crucial thing . Preferred Supplier must have reliable criteria , is able to ensure stock is always available , is able to guarantee the quality of products that we will sell , and certainly can give you a price "tilt " for us so that we can take advantage and still be able to compete with online stores that sell products same .
Marketing strategy

If you want to be successful online store business , marketing strategies have a very vital role . Marketing strategy Bang Bandrex intent here is about " How We Play " ? ? Is our online store will be selling a wide range of products such as department stores , or we focus on one product to build the agency system in Indonesia ? Based on personal experience and the experience of some colleagues , the most profitable is to build a network of agents in all parts of Indonesia .
build Trust

It is common knowledge , that the online world is a nest of deception . Any person visiting our online store , not immediately believe that our online store we can be trusted . To that end , build trust or confidence that they are visiting our website feel safe and comfortable that any money they pay will not go away without the goods sent jasa sebar iklan terbaik  to their place . Trust your online store can be built in a way to upload pictures of proof of delivery , receipt expedition , as well as a special page that contains testimonials from your customers .

Now that he's 5 key to a successful online store based on personal experience and observation Bang Bang Bandrex Bandrex against peers online businesses know Bang Bandrex . Hopefully useful and Good luck ! !

Editor 's note : This article is a series of article " How to create an online store " to educate entrepreneurs on the internet e-commerce ecosystem . If you need an online shop e-commerce platform which is good , use BigCommerce . BigCommerce platform allows you to create an online store with easy and comprehensive features . If you need ecommerce interaction with practitioners and startup Startupbisnis can go to the forum .

You have to know what makes people want to pay you

Maybe you want to make e-commerce or online store but you do not have an idea .

There are many ways and viewpoints in to see this .

pasang iklan baris gratis One thing for sure is , you have to know what makes people want to pay you .
Here is what the common things that would make people pay .

The first is " passion" or " hobby " : Pets (pets ) , golf , musician , travel , book a novel . There are people who are willing to pay a premium to improve the accuracy of his golf stroke .

The second is a " problem " or " issue " : Weight loss ( obesity ) , mosquitoes , transport aircraft .

The third is the " fears " or " fear " : for example insurance , motorcycle helmets .

One of the exercises for you who are looking for an idea is as below . Make a list of 7 passion , problems and fears that are around you and is important to you or those around you .


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